Check Out Cross Ice Hockey

February 27, 2013


Cross Ice Hockey

is a superior method for training and development of a young player’s skills.

The traditional ice hockey game played on a full ice surface, provides little benefit from an improvement standpoint for virtually all children.  The main reason being most games provide each player with approximately: 15 minutes of skating time, 20 seconds of puck control time & only one shot on net!

No player will achieve any meaningful improvement from this type of game. However, a cross ice game (the game is compressed) of 2-on-2 or 3-on-2 or 3-on-3 gives the children exponentially more “touches” of the puck, more shots on net, more passes and because there is no stoppage of play, significantly more skating. The children will need to condition themselves to skate, stick 

Cross Ice Hockey

handle and shoot much quicker.  It is a form of “overspeed” training!  Even more important, this “overspeed” training is not just physical but mental!  The players must think, react, and make their decisions much quicker than in a traditional game.  The mind and body must work together to create optimal performance. 

Cross ice hockey is a game of speed!  Playing in smaller areas forces the children to skate quicker, stick handle quicker, shoot quicker, and most importantly think and react  quicker.  It conditions the children for improved speed in all aspects of the game.  The play never stops (see rules), the excitement never ends. Each participating player will experience exponentially more touches of the puck, more scoring opportunities, more quick changes in direction (skate edges & weight transfer) and repetition … repetition … repetition; the key to improvement.


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